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Dance floor etiquette

As we all know, Kizomba Nigeria Dance Community is relatively small, but growing; we still have the luxury of space on the dance floor. But, as the community continues to grow and parties get more packed, it is going to be essential for dancers to dance smaller (manage space).

Kizomba “bumper cars” are not part of the dance craze.

There is really no need to take up the entire dance floor when you are social dancing. Even the best dancers have mastered the ability to do their tricks & dips in tight spaces. When I dance travel to dance in other parts of the world, I never see dancers start on one end of the dance floor and end the song clear across the club. It just doesn’t happen!

This is not a performance where you have to “work the stage”. Let’s practice some Kizomba etiquette and scale down our dance to reasonable spaces. We are social dancing and this should be an enjoyable experience for all.

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